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The cheapest (and most fun) way to experience any city is of course by walking. Really, most attractions are very close to each other and as a tourist you’re probably prepared to walk a little. You can start out at Sakuragichou and then walk to the Cup Noodle Museum, China Town or the red brick warehouse. The train tickets are not at all expensive and if you are in a hurry/ don’t like walking this is something for you. I’ve heard about a bus tour that is fairly cheap (400yen) and that takes you around to all the famous places. Haven’t tried this one though so I can’t tell you if it’s any good. Personally, I prefer to walk as I get more of a “feel” of the city that way. Also if you’re in the harbor (Sakuragichou) there’s many different boat tours that will show you the lovely city from the water.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

My favorite restaurant is 2 minutes from Yamate station (Yokohama blue line). It is a small local ramen restaurant that has great (cheap) ramen! There is a very “homy” feel to it, you see everything that goes on in the kitchen, as it is right behind the counter you eat at. There’s many different flavors and my god where the ramen tasty. If you want to visit (which i really recommend you to) here are some directions;
Take the Yokohama Blue line (from Yokohama it takes 9 minutes) to Yamate station. When you get of go straight forward (towards the seven eleven) and take the second right (not up the hill). Walk a couple of 100 meters and boom you’re there.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

On a Sunday morning I love to buy some street food (it’s very cheap and tasty) and sit down in a place with a nice view over the city or the water. Perhaps you can stop by a 100 yen store and get some pens and paper and draw (or doodle) as you eat, enjoy the city and just be. This doesn’t have to be in the city center, you can take the train or subway to a stop anywhere and just sit down on a nice spot.

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

Besides the places I’ve already mentioned above here are some, perhaps more famous, places you cannot miss;

Kamakura – a town (on the Yokohama blue line) that still has the Edo period feel to it (samurai). It is full of temples and statues and local shops full of souvenirs that you can show the family back home that will only accept the “traditional” Japanese. There is a lot of events there so it is worth a search before you go.

The Cup Noodle museum is also a place that has earned its reputation. The entrance fee is around 3 dollars and then you can make your own personalized cup for an additional 3 dollars. You get your own design, choose flavor, topping and watch how they do it. Although I should warn you, come early because there is a limited amount of people that can do it.

Rush hour – everyday in the trains between 7-8. For the daring early bird only. You will get squished. For the ladies there is “women’s carriage at this time.

The Malls – really they’re everywhere. You can’t miss them.

A last piece of advice ; don’t stress through your stay take it slow and if you get sidetracked, go for it!

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