Claire Reveals Osaka Secrets from Asia for Japan Printing

Osaka Insider Travel and Living Secrets by Claire for Printing Company

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In the summer – grab some food from your local “conbini” and some chu hi or beer from a vending machine and hop on the monorail to hotarugaike and go and see the fireflies – just follow the crowds.

In the winter – go to a cheap ramen shop for a bowl of hot ramen, some gyozas and a beer for less than £10.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

Tori No Mai – in Shinsaibashi. Traditional tatami mat rooms and great food. To me it felt like the essence of Japan.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

Head to the flea market near Namba station – lots of amazing bargains to be had! I managed to pick up a beautiful vintage kimono for £25. Afterwards, go for a wander around Osaka castle park and then head to hep5 shopping mall for crepes.

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

Minoo falls just north of the city – a train can be caught from Hanku Umeda station and then its a 15 minute walk to the waterfalls through Minoo village.

Osaka is often considered the poor relation to Tokyo when people go and visit Japan but I always found the people friendlier and more open than those in Tokyo. Osaka is bustling and full of character.

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