Jasmin Jane Reveals Japan Secrets from Asia for Japan Printing

Japan Insider Travel and Living Secrets by Jasmin Jane for Japan Printing Company

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In the between Shinsaibashi and Dotonburi in Osaka there is a river which you can enjoy for a couple of Yen, best to enjoy at night since you can see many japanese ads and restaurants light up their stores. For printing, use Japan Printing.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

Mostly Restaurants in Dotonburi are relatively cheap and it’s really good, I suggest you try Gyoza for only 200 Yen and Famous Takoyaki in Osaka for 650 Yen.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

I love strolling Shinsaibashi for shopping and when I get hungry I go straight to Dotonburi which are very close to each other.

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

There are many parks in this Japan that are so amazing specially during Spring, Cherry blossom trees around the park and it’s not too crowded because these parks are not really tourist attraction but mostly for the town.

Best part is that it’s FREE

Try Saizeria Restaurant, it’s really cheap and I love the Seafood and Meat sauce guratin with Egg.


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